Test Automation Services

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E tech provides full range of outsourcing software testing services. We are ready to provide you with any type of manual and automated software testing, dedicated testing teams, QA and QC support in IT outsourcing software testing projects and others. Testing as engineering discipline requires special tools, methodologies, skills, knowledge, experience and peculiar talent. The E tech’s professional testers put mobile, web and desktop applications under software tests on real devices. Having a wide set of tools and means as well as the most advanced testing technologies E tech testing team provides the most effective solutions. The company’s specialists perfectly combine theoretical knowledge, gained through conferences and seminars, with practical skills to assure the project outcome to be integrated and comprehensive.

For many software applications, testing is often seen as one of the painstaking areas since it often involves a lot of manual work performing tests, possibilities of human errors, inability of simulation of real-time usage scenarios of the application, unavailability of boundary-conditions in terms of data loads etc.

To address such issues associated with manual testing, we provide test automation services to help our customers make a strategic test plan ensuring an optimum degree of test automation.

Automated testing relies of methods of writing and executing test scripts within the test automation frameworks that require minimal human interaction despite meeting all of the defined objectives.